Mr. P – the new Brawl Stars fighter + Mod

Mr. P - the new Brawl Stars fighter

Mr. P is the new Brawl Stars fighter. This is a new update from Supercell, which will be released in January 2020. He is one of the coolest bravelers present in the game.

He has some exciting attacks and super quests, Star Powers. Let’s see what information we have about him now.

The new “Brawl Stars” update is an incredible skill consisting of a variety of skins, “New Fight”, “New Environments” and new game modes, “Read Brawl Stars”, January 2020

A new fighter appears, whose name is Mr. P
Mr. P stands for Penguin, and he looks like a secret agent in a secret operation.
He shoots energy balls like Jesse, who after hitting a target. Will bounce and smash the ground like a bomb. Deals area damage. Very cool concept.
His Super opens the suitcase and sends the penguin drones, which are sent to the target and hit in distant mode.
New agent P skin comes

Mr. P, who has a bell in his head that looks like a Bell Hop in hotels
He is a Penguin, dressed in a coat, with a suitcase in his hands and always looking for targets to attack.
Mr. R’s attack is that he shoots an energy ball exactly like Jesse. The sphere, when it hits the enemy, bounces and explodes in the ground.
He has the second longest range in the game after Tick.
The explosion of this ORB deals area damage, which is a unique ability in the Brawl Stars Game.
When an attack does not hit any targets, it reaches its maximum range and then bounces.
With his Super, he will open his suitcase, and he has a pair of Penguin drones that will shoot at nearby enemies from a distance, either one after the other, or all go and attack.

Download Mr. P – the new Brawl Stars


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