Mod with Gale, NANI and new skins

Mod with Gale, NANI and new skins

First level

Health: 2400
Movement Speed: Normal
Attack: Trigometric – Nani shoots three light spheres, the trajectories of which gradually converge.
Damage: 3 × 700
Range: Large
Reload Speed: Low
Super: Manual control – Nani takes control of Pip to send him to the target and explode in a collision!
Damage: 2000
Range: Small

Also on this mod, you can try any new skin. To do this, simply select a fighter and the skin will already be open on it.

What is on Brawl Stars 27.266 MOD with NANI:

Skins Unlocked:
Summer pam
Merchant Gail
Builder jackie
Defender rico
Evil genie
Insidious Mortis
Unlocked a new fighter: NANI

• replaced all new skins
• Unlocked Nani

⚠ Nani cannot be knocked out, it can only be played in the training cave !!!

❔How to download:

Follow the link to download the mod, delete the original apk, download a new one (the account must be connected to SuperCell ID)

Rarity: Epic
Type: Warrior
Description: Nani loves her friends and always takes care of them. She shoots in several directions at once and controls her own robot Pip with the help of Super!

Skins mod!

• New skins
• New Brawler – Nani, which can be tested

Download Mod with Nani

Download Mod with Nani

Download Mod with Gale

Download Mod with Gale

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