Null’s Clash – Stable Clash of Clans Server

Null’s Clash - Stable Clash of Clans Server

Another great server from OpegitStudio developers, this time everyone’s favorite Clash of Clans. Meet Null’s Clash!

During this month, I surveyed a large number of servers, pianos, and for Clash of Clans. All of them are different in their own way, but now it’s very difficult to find a stable server. Therefore, I suggest you try a server called Null’s Clash.

One of the most interesting servers, as well as this server perfectly implemented the night village. Naturally, this server is not without drawbacks, for example, cons can include the premium that you need to buy.

Review the latest version of Null’s Clash (11.651.1)

The main village on Null’s Clash server is no different from other servers. But there is one important part, you can save your arrangements. True, this feature is just for premium players, running ahead, I did not regret the purchase.

What else can I say, there are no problems with the game on the server, the average number of online users is around two thousand. And it can be said already a weighty argument to try the server from OpegitStudio. In the usual chat you will find the same online as in the original version of Clash of Clans.

Null’s Clash – Main Server Village

Do not pay attention to the 11th level of the fence, 12 is also on the server. Various facilities can also be pumped to the maximum level. To do this, you will be available an unlimited amount of gold with the elixir, as well as a black elixir to fill enough. If you have few resources, you can fill them with the help of a team or just spend a handful of crystals.

Builder’s Village on Null’s Clash Server

According to the canons of Clash of Clans, you can plunge into a new dark world of the game. On the server you will not see any restrictions, and most importantly, it is working battles. For all the time testing various servers, I have not seen any normal concept of attacks in a dark village. Null’s Clash is implemented on a solid top five and here it can compete with everyone.

I draw your attention to the level of heroes, they can be changed also with the help of the team. All commands that are on the server, I will indicate the bottom of the review.

In the night village, the 8th level of the builder’s house is added, as well as all the corresponding buildings. Unlimited resources also operate in the night village. The fights work the same as in the original version of the flare, perhaps even better.

All because almost all found opponents are pumped to the maximum level. Winning is certainly not so easy, but it increases the skill and in the usual flare you will not be so difficult.

One of the most important innovations is the ability to link an account from Null’s Clash to a Vkontakte account. This is probably the only server for Clash of Clans, which allows you to fully save your settings and pumping on the server.

Benefits of Null’s Clash Server

  • Unlimited resources
  • Infinite gems
  • Working builder’s village with attacks
  • Added commands to the server to speed up the pumping
  • The server is online 24 hours a day.
  • Average number of online players: 2000
  • Ability to save different layouts
  • Work clan wars

Commands on Null’s Clash server

To activate the commands, you just need to enter them in the chat (clan and multiplayer will do).

/ full – this command will pump your buildings to the maximum level, but without the accumulation of experience.
/ clean – this command clears the database and resets the profile level.
/ asp – this command allows you to attack yourself in the usual database, enter it and click on the “Into the battle” button.
/ m – allows you to send a private message to any player.
/ hero – this command changes the level of the hero. We write the command, then we specify the space character of the hero and give him the desired level.

King – The King of the Barbarians
Queen – Queen archers
Warden – Guardian
Builder – Fighting Machine

/ make – this command is a specific base for any TX and DS.
For an ordinary village: TH1, TH2, TH3, etc.
For a builder village: BH3, BH4, BH5, etc.
Install base and goblin cards: npc1, npc2, npc3, …, npc50
/ savebase – the ability to save your base for this team (only available to premium players)

Requirements for running Null’s Clash server

  • 154 MB of free space on the device
  • Active internet connection

Download Null’s Clash (latest version):

Download Null’s Clash

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