Null’s Brawl 19.111 latest version with new brawler Tick

Null’s Brawl 19.111 latest version with new brawler Tick

Null’s Brawl 20.93 is a final release of our server.

This is the newest version of Null’s Brawl 19.111, the most stable private server. A new fighter Tick has been added to the server.

Brawl Stars is a chic supercell action game. Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and other famous masterpieces – this is their doing. In this project, gamers are also offered PvP skirmishes in recognizable mechanics, but with seriously redesigned features and qualities.

At the start, players may not understand what the beauty of Brawl Stars is, but participation in various modes of transient battles lasting three minutes will gradually reveal the full potential of this game. Well, after fully enjoy the duels, the implementation of various tasks, team fights, cooperative and many other modes.

Brawl Stars is an interesting PvP-mode shooter from the famous developer studio Supercell. The game will surely please everyone who loves to compete with real players, enjoying the colorful and spectacular battles. It is also worth noting a large selection of locations, bright colors and nice animation.

The gameplay is in many ways similar to the popular shooters of this format. Here we are waiting for battles in the “three for three.” As the battle progresses, you need not only to move to locations and hide behind cover, but also to collect crystals.

They are the basis of the battle. Remember that by collecting stones you can easily destroy and take all the jewels, so do not forget to hide and replenish your health. The battle continues for a couple of minutes, the winner is determined by the number of crystals collected, and the valuable player who destroyed the most enemies receives additional coins and a chest.

Chests can bring players not only new cards with characters, but also extra gold, as well as rare game currency. Gradually, you will have access to new locations, steep upgrades and guns, so you should not spend all your earned coins in the first minutes of the game. The game turned out to be dynamic, very colorful and exciting. If you have a couple of free minutes, then be sure to try this shooter.

What is in mode:

  • much money
  • many event tickets
  • a lot of crystals

What’s new

  • New fighter – Tick!
  • It can be obtained for FREE, reaching up to 4,000 trophies on the path to glory
    A tick is an explosive nature and irresistible energy in a metal shell;
    He throws mines, and with the help of Super – and his head, which is looking for the nearest target and explodes!

  • New items
  • New unique star forces for each fighter!
  • Star Points – a new currency, with which you can purchase new items and move in the game!
    …and much more!

How to install (upgrade) Brawl Stars

  1. Download the APK file. If you update and the previous version of the application was downloaded from us, then we put it on top of the old version, otherwise performance (data storage) is not guaranteed.
  2. Enable installation of applications from unknown sources in settings (done once)
  3. Run the installation (usually downloaded files are placed in the Download folder)
  4. Run the application

Download Null’s Brawl 20.93

Download Null’s Brawl

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  5. Bruno Labbe says:

    Sa foi ètre trop bien

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