Modifications on Lwarb Classic, Lwarb Mods, Lwarb beta

Modifications on Lwarb Classic, Lwarb Mods, Lwarb beta

Hidden community brawler

The sixth community brawler is entering the battlefield on Lwarb Mods.

Here is a short description:
Name: Bruce
Model: Nita’s bear
Description: Bruce is an angry bear who got his honey stolen! He punches enemies to death, and can charge them on great distances

Thanks to our modder AngelFire for creating this brawler!

Training cave mod rotation

We rotated the ticketed event available on the training cave. Robo Rumble Event is now activated.
Robo Rumble will pit you against wave after waves of robots all trying to destroy your team’s safe! Defend your goal for as long as possible.

How long will you be able to survive ?

  • Secret skins
  • This week new skins are added to Lwarb, available for original brawlers and super saiyan brawlers:

    • NEW: Sharkhunter Bo
    • NEW: Albino Carl
    • NEW: Irish Dynamike
    • NEW: Starlord Colt

    Here is a preview of all these skins:

    Modifications on Lwarb Classic

  • Brawler rarities are back
  • Balances on Lwarb Mods

    • Original brawlers are no longer available
    • Super Saiyan brawlers are no longer golden so you can appreciate their skins
    • Super Saiyan brawlers get their custom skins back
    • NERF – Super Saiyan moving speed reduced
    • NERF – Super Saiyan hp amount reduced
    • NERF – Robots of the Apocalypse cannot walk on water anymore
    • NERF – Robots of the Apocalypse moving speed reduced
    • NERF – Robots of the Apocalypse hp amount reduced
    • NERF – Pyro’s ultimate ability damage reduced

    Please note that we will keep on balancing Lwarb Mods in the future.

    In order to play on Lwarb servers, you must download the new client apps.

    Download Lwarb Mods


    Download Lwarb Classic


    Download Lwarb Beta


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