Download Rebrawl with Colett, new skins are added to reBrawl

Updated: 28/03/2020

Download Rebrawl with Colett

Content update #96: Rebrawl with Colett

Secret skins

New skins are added to reBrawl, available for original brawlers, super saiyan brawlers and community brawlers:

NEW: Hyper Colette (thanks to ICE HYPER)
UPDATE: Graffiti Emz (thanks to Andrew)

Here is a preview of all these skins:

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9 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ball’s Brawl

  2. Jovan says:

    I have lwarb beta

  3. RED says:

    FF d ddrw

  4. RED says:

    FF d ddrw

  5. Marko says:


  6. Danny says:

    Ich will Rebrawl haben

  7. Boji says:

    Много ми харесва

  8. Boji says:

    Haresva mi

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