Updated February 1, 2021. Added NULLS BRAWL 33.118 ALFA with Ruffs, Edgar and BYRON


To unlock all the brawlers, go to the SHOP and press UNLOCK ALL BRAWLERS

Meet the winter update of the private server. As always, new fighters and skins have appeared. Let’s start right away with a new fighter, Byron. He is a cunning merchant and a support fighter. He is the third member of the trio with Piper and Barley and will supply you with everything you need to increase your damage to enemies. Byron is slightly different from other support fighters.

His attacks either damage enemies over time, or heal allies over time. What you need if you choose the right moment. Super Byron – Throw a potion that damages or heals a fighter, depending on whether it is an enemy or an ally.
To unlock all the brawlers, go to the SHOP and press UNLOCK ALL BRAWLERS

Changes to game modes

In Reward mode, a blue star will appear, which will eliminate the possibility of a draw. The blue star is placed in the center of the map instead of the normal star. In case of additional counting, the team that took it wins. But only if you hold onto the star. If the fighter holding the star falls, then the enemy team will take it.

We also slightly changed the capture of crystals. The battle now ends 30 seconds after the last crystals appear. And sieges will now take place in the Pam Flea Market environment. Eight animated icons for the fighters will also appear in the game.


This new brawler, Byron is of mythical rarity and is part of the trio with Piper and Barley. He is a ‘sinister’ salesperson who sells items that can help you or hinder opponents.

His mechanics are a little different from the other support brawlers… and that’s what many have asked Supercell to bring to the game a long time ago!

Second free fighter Edgar

Edgar is a teenager who works in a gift shop with Colette. He wants to be cool and mysterious, but he is not very good at it. He is a fast melee fighter who attacks with his scarf, but he has very little health. Therefore, when attacked, it heals.

Download alpha version of Nulls Brawl 33.118 with RUFFS

Download Null’s Brawl 32.170 EDGAR AND BYRON

DOWNLOAD BRAWL STARS 33.118 with Colonel Ruffs Brawler

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  1. Kristiyan says:

    Cool 😎

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    E bellissimo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Jdjdfjjfjfiitoykgktooyoyiyoyooyoyoyoyoyooykgkfkdjdjifufufiififigigitiifififiitititiititiitigitiitifitiifififiififkkfkfkfkkfjfjfjfkt Byron jdjdjdjfjdjjdjdidjdjjdjdjdjdjdjdjdikdkd

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    Brawl stars is good game

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    nulls brawl guncellensın

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    Chce null s brawl

  11. Lisanth says:

    Plz Fix the lag it is so annoying

  12. LOLBRAWL says:

    Why does it lagging whenever I’m starts move and then it’s lag lag lag it have so much lag while my line and internet is much 4 line and 3 GiB fix this pls why have lag

  13. Goga Baxtadze says:

    Fake we waiting long time ago! Update date 26th

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    I can’t do IT WTF

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