DOWNLOAD Null’s Brawl 35.179 with BELLE and Squeak

 DOWNLOAD Null's Brawl 35.139 with BELLE and Squeak

This is the new Nulls Brawl 35.179 with Belle and Squick from May 3, you can download it from the links below. Nulls Brawl ALPHA is closing

We will finish Alpha-testing of new battles implementation with this update. Now it will be used in classic server, and Null’s Brawl Alpha will be closed. You won’t be able to use your NBA account in classic server.

What’s new in version Null’s Brawl 35?

1) Compatibility with latest version of the game 35.x and new visual content (pins, skins, new season)
2) Belle main and super attack
3) New game modes: Knockout, hot zone, partially — siege
4) Some star powers (e.g. Edgar ones)
5) Fixed some reported bugs
6) Game play mechanics of Squeak (attack, super, star powers and gadget)
7) Some unimplemented gadgets and star powers (Belle, Ruffs, Byron and other brawlers)

DOWNLOAD Null’s Brawl 35.179 with BELLE and Squeak

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