Download BRAWLSTARs 35.179 with new brawlers Belle and Squeak

UPdate 21 may, 2021

 Null’s Brawl

New update for BRAWLSTARs 35.179

New Belle Brawler

Bell is a brawler of chromatic rarity, she who will be the brawler of this 6th season of the Brawl Pass, being unlocked at level 30. She is an outlaw who makes bank robberies in the cities she passes through. On its attributes, it is a brawler shooter type of precision (sniper) .

Attack: It attacks a target and its projectile continues to bounce, similar to enemies until they disperse.
Super: Gain a special bullet to shoot, which when hitting the target still causes extra damage from any source.

Incredible new Wild West Skins!

And as with any Brawl update, this could not be without the new Brawlers visuals ! But with a difference, in this next update we will have 12 new skins, in addition to the golden and silver ones!

Several skins are following the Wild West Brawl Pass theme. But remembering that not all arrive with the release of the update, if we take into account the pattern of the previous updates (there is still about a week of Brawl Pass).

New game mode of the season: Knockout

In this mode we have a 3 vs 3 dispute in which the players in which you try to eliminate the enemy brawlers, with the detail that these eliminated brawlers do not return, you need to deal with the situation with only two brawlers in the team.

New Brawler Squeak

And the second brawler in this update will be Squeak! He is part of the Star Force, being an alien that evolved from the drool accumulated in Colonel Ruffs’ toys .

Attack: He throws toys that explode at enemies. These toys are able to stick to the walls of the maps and to the opposing brawlers themselves, because they are full of Ruffs’ drool.
Super: With his super he has a cluster bomb that when thrown on the map, reaches a large area of ​​explosion.
Squeak will be released next month and it is of mythical rarity.

Download alpha version of Nulls Brawl 35.179 with BELLE and Squeak

DOWNLOAD BRAWLSTARS 35.179 with BELLE and Squeak

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  1. Martin says:

    me encanta el juego es muy bueno tiene muchas skins y siempre consigo 1000 copas si puedo pero me gusta el juego

  2. Nelmir says:

    Nuls brawl us cool

  3. Ninjo says:

    It’s good

  4. Ilyan says:

    C’est quand que la nouvelle version arrive?

  5. Eduard says:


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