Rebrawl classic Gale + Nani

Rebrawl classic Gale + Nani

Updated March 28, 2021

Content update #96

reBrawl Classic

reBrawl Classic is now upgraded to version 27.269 of the game.
This update include a new map environment, new maps, new skins, two new brawlers and many more things for you to enjoy!

New Brawler – Gale

Rebrawl classic Gale + Nani

Gale is a tireless handyman who gets no rest. He blasts foes with a wide shot of wind and snow and his Super pushes them back with a huge gust of wind!

Main Attack: Polar Vortex – Gale blasts a large snow ball wall at his enemies!
Super Ability: Gale Force! – Gale delivers an almighty gust of wind and snow, pushing back all enemies caught in its path.
Gadget: Spring Ejector – Gale drops a bounce pad underfoot, launching friend and foe alike into the air
Star Power 1: Blustery Blow – Super now stuns when enemies are pushed against a wall
Star Power 2: Second Wind – Speed boost to friendly Brawlers caught in the path of his Super
Gale is available on reBrawl Classic.

New Brawler – Nani

Nani loves her friends and looks over them with a watchful lens. She handles threats with angled shots, and her Super allows Nani to commandeer her pal Peep, who goes out with a bang!

Main Attack: Trigger-Nometry – Nani shoots 3 light orbs that move at different angles and converge towards aimed targets.
Super Ability: Manual Override – Nani takes control of Peep and can steer him remotely into enemies, exploding on contact!
Gadget: Warp Blast – Nani detonates Peep and teleports herself to his last location.
Star Power 1: Autofocus – Peep deals extra damage based on his travel distance.
Star Power 2: Tempered Steel – Nani takes less damage while her Super is active.
Nani is available on reBrawl Classic.

Pam Remodel

Pam is getting a brand new model, therefore old custom skins are not available anymore.

New skins

Barbarian King Bull
Trader Gale
Rogue Mortis
Tropical Sprout
Guard Rico
Summer Pam
Evil Gene
Constructor Jacky

Download Rebrawl classic for android

Download Rebrawl classic Gale + Nani 27.269

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