Null’s Brawl 24.142 with fighters Max and Bea

Null’s Brawl 24.142 with fighters Max and Bea

This update contains two new fighters called Bea and Max. Both of them are lady fighters.

New Bea Fighter

Bea is an entomologist (the study of insects), and our beloved assistant Rosa, who understands Beas, her attack and super, uses Beas’s power.
A Beas attack consists of a drone that is controlled by a Beas insect and hits the target. Her attack increases over and over again if she hits the target correctly.
For example, first attack if it successfully attacked the enemy, then the next attack will cause more than double the initial damage, and accumulate.
Bea has a cool Super, she throws a swarm of Bias around 5, which can go through walls, slow down enemies and poison them.

New Fighter Max

Max – A fast fight that wants to be a Superhero, but she couldn’t do it, so in desperation, consuming a lot of energy drinks, She became Superfast.
Max moves very fast, and her main attack is shooting from the rays at high speed.
Max Super is that she creates a small radius circle that moves with her, accelerates all the allied forces in the circle.
Slow Brawlers such as El Primo, 8 Bit is gaining momentum.
New environment and game modes
The all-new Pirate Ship Environment to get an amazing gaming experience.
Present Plunder is a new game mode where you need to collect gifts from an enemy place and steal it in its place, enemies can do the same. It will be super fun, you can throw them through the walls.

Download Null’s Brawl

Download Null’s Brawl with Max and BeaMZ

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