Download LWARB 19.102 with a Brawler Tick [MOD] free

Download LWARB 19.102 with a Brawler Tick [MOD] free

Lwarb Beta private server with a new fighter Tick, and with modified fighters and unlimited resources.

You probably already got bored without updates in Brawl Stars. According to this, developers work day and night to release really cool new items. But before upgrading, you need to traditionally tell us what’s new in the game. They do it in different ways, either through the official website or Reddit. But there is also the best way, through video, from the words of the developers themselves. They called such videos “Brawl Talk”, it will be released soon.

Since the main community manager Ryan, posted an interesting message on Twitter. Where published 2 photos and signed “Brawl Talk? it can only mean one thing. The fact that a new interesting interview is being conducted, where they talk about all the innovations.

By the way, the preview does not show the whole area of ​​photography, but the most interesting thing behind the scenes is of course. Pay attention, on the table there is a sheet with the topics that they will tell us.

But if you look closely, you still will not see the text, but you can understand what it will be about! At the very beginning of the sheet, most likely an introduction to the topic. But after it comes already 4 large points.

Most likely the topics will be the following:

  • New fighter
  • New maps and game mode
  • Changing the balance of cards and fighters
  • Minor improvements
  • These are just our guesses, what exactly we will be shown, we will find out only in the coming days

What is a private Brawl Stars server?

Since the game Brawl Stars was released relatively recently, many users immediately started talking about private servers. This term is known to many from the previous “crafts” company Supercell Clash of Clans.

Where was the opportunity to find for yourself such a version of the game and do anything in it. The private server in a game context is understood as the same game package. Only craftsmen have already worked on it and have changed some game files. How to expand the capabilities of players.

tick brawler

On his server, everyone can enjoy the game to the fullest. Make your balance and the level of life of the hero endless. The overall look of the game will remain the same, but with new features you can create your own. Of course, the developers to such actions by users are negative. Since they are illegal. Try not to play the original game on a private server from a single device.

Private server LWARB 19.102

LWARB is the Brawl Stars game server, which offers even more game values ​​than we have already reviewed. More than 100 thousand tickets, 100 000 game coins and as many crystals are available in it.

But that is not all. There are about 1 thousand cases, which will get tired to open the hand.

A feature of this server is that when you start the game you will not find the characters. The thing is that they need to look for it in the boxes with surprises. In which you can also find legendary and rare fighters. Any skins that fall out of the case can be applied immediately. In the future, their number will only grow. So say the owners of this modification.

The server will be available on any day of the week. In the boxes you can find all the characters, including the legendary.

Download LWARB 19.102 with a Brawler Tick

Download LWARB 19.102

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