DOWNLOAD Null’s Brawl 34.151 with a new brawler STU

The new Null’s Brawl 34.151 with STU was released on March 17. You can download it from the link below.

DOWNLOAD Null's Brawl with a new brawler STU

New NULL’S BRAWL 34.151 with STU

New brawler on the road to “Stu” glory (10,000 cups)

  • Attack: 2 projectiles that fly straight and charge super on hit
  • Super: dash to the front for a short distance that pushes the target back

New Skins:

  • Superstar Stu
  • PSG Mike (for winning the challenge)
  • Smuggler Penny (25,000 ST)
  • BibiLante (skin for bibi)


  • Return of PSG Cup 2021
  • Possibility to buy additional trial attempts (30 gems)
  • Power Race is replaced by Power League available at 4500 cups (ranked game with character bans and random mode)
  • 19 ranks of the Power League from Bronze to Master (with Star Points at the end of the season, depending on the league)
  • Power league will be able to play solo and with a team
  • Hot Zone and Siege Added to Map Maker
  • More Animated Pins
  • Balance change
  • New gadgets
  • And much more

DOWNLOAD Null’s Brawl 34.151 with STU

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