Download Brawl Stars 34.151 with a new brawler STU

UPDATED March 18, 2021

Download Brawl Stars with a new brawler STU

Brawl Stars update 34.151 with the new brawler STU came out on March 15th. You can download from the link below

A host of new features are coming in the new update, including a new brawler called STU, a new competitive mode that will replace Throne of Power, Star League and more!


  • New STU character for 10,000 trophies and Star STU skin for him
  • New PSG Cup challenge with a reward for passing – PSG Mike (skin for Dinomike) and the ability to buy additional attempts for gems.
  • Power League is a seasonal event with a random map, brawler bans, starpoint rewards.
  • New skins for Penny and Bibi
  • Animated Pins

Brawl Talk March 2021 Update

Check out Brawl Talk and then check out our quick rundown on some of the highlights of this new update coming soon!

New robot brawler: STU

Attack: STU fires bursts of pyrotechnic shots from its fingers as a primary attack. These shots are fired in a straight line, and it takes a single hit on the enemy to charge him super.

Super: With its super, STU can move quickly over a short distance. This charge pushes opponents and leaves a trail of fire that damages opponents who pass through it.

And this new brawler is coming with a second skin called Superstar, read this post for details!

Goodbye Power Lust … Hello Star League!

And finally, we will have a rewrite of the Power Mode Thirst … or rather, the end of it, so that another novelty comes in place! With the release of the next update, we will have the Star League, which will be the new competitive Brawl Stars mode!

Trophies are not counted in this mode. There will be 19 divisions in the Star League, from Bronze I to Masters, for the best players. And in this first season of Star League, it will have a shorter duration, but then it will be equal to a 10-week skip in the brawl, and players will be ranked according to their best results in the Force Headquarters.

It will be possible to play alone (face to face with other players using the same option) or in a team of three options (face to face with other teams).

New Game Modes in Map Maker

And, as expected, new game modes will be available for Map Maker this March. The Strategic Zone and Paddock modes can be used by the community to show their creativity (or not).

Bibi Justira’s new look

And in addition to the skins above, Bibi will get a new look called Bibi Justiceira, which will give the fighters a cool look, lively reactions and more!

New animated pins are appearing …

It was briefly mentioned that some brawlers would get lively reactions, such as Bull and Frank. We have no information on whether other brawlers will receive, but there are speculations and expectations that each update will release new animated icons until all brawlers are complete.

Download Brawl Stars 34.151 with a new brawler STU

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